Buddha Tank

Posted by the Strawboss on March 4, 2012 in My Projects

Here’s a bubbler tank I created. It has a lighted lid, a live plant, an under gravel bubbler and a live Betta! I wanted to get him a girlfriend, but the pet shop lady said he would attack her. Wind up being like an episode of COPS. “Please officer, don’t hurt him! He didn’t mean to nip my fins!”

Fish Tank


  • Elysia says:

    Wondering where you got the lighted lid and bubbler statue. I would like to get my son something like this for Easter. Thanks.

  • the Strawboss says:

    I attached an underwater light to the lid of the jar with aquarium sealant, and the statue is just that. The bubbles come from an air stone hidden under the glass stones.

  • Lori says:

    I love this! So creative and elegant. I am an animal trainer and I trained my blue betta to jump up to take food from my hand. He was so cool

  • Elysia says:

    Ok thank you. It is very cool. I just hope I can recreate something similar. Thanks again.

  • Amanda Skellett says:

    This is an awesome idea, I breed betas but i could never find anything that worked well enough to keep them in. Also all the little lid tanks i did find are very expensive. $100.00 a tank for a $15.00 fish. When you have alot of them that not idealistic. This is fantastic. You should really think about making these and selling them. Id buy them.