Cursing Kids

Posted by the Strawboss on January 3, 2013 in ask the Strawboss

Dear Strawboss,

I love my girlfriend greatly, but I have a problem with her children. She treats them very well and they walk all over her. They curse her, refuse to help her out with anything at all. What can I do to open her eyes to the way they really are?

Step Guy


Dear Step,

I’ve been cursed out many times, and believe you me, it is quite the eye opener. Her eyes are fine; it’s her jelly like spine that’s the problem, and if she allows her children to grow up as bratty lil ingrates, then she’s not doing them any favors. What your girlfriend really needs to see is how poorly she’s treating her children.

I don’t believe in spanking or the death penalty, but if any child of mine were to curse me out, I would black out and wake up in the middle of my attempted murder trial with my child in full traction pointing at me from the witness stand. Your girlfriend’s passivity not only harms her children, but it will also damage any relationships she attempts to have. After all, who wants to be around bad ass kids? There’s also the possibility that the kids will catch a beat down from someone with a lot less patience for that foolishness.

Most people don’t like to have their parenting skills questioned, which is odd because most have never received any training, and most of it is guess work. Still, if you want to be a part of her life and not get arrested for bitch slapping a child, you’ll need to explain to her how her behavior and her children’s behavior are unacceptable. Tell her she needs to put her foot down, preferably on their necks and get them to  respect her. Of course, the older they are, the harder this will be. If they’re really young, a good tongue lashing will do. A tween will  need a chokehold, but a full fledged teenager might require a pistol whipping and/or waterboarding.

Be strong, be firm, be honest and don’t be surprised if she unleashes her pent up frustration on you. If you really love her, give her time before you give up. If you really love her kids, give them a head start before  you start busting caps.


the Strawboss has spoken.


  • Douglas Newsom says:

    Great answer, the only problem I have with this is her kids are friggin’ 20 years old. the girl is out now and had a baby after quitting school and getting knocked up by a drug dealer. The boy is a twin to the girl. he quit school and life. All he wants to do is play video games and stink. They are not worth a bullet. The girl curses her and refuses to let her see her grandchild unless she gives them money. The boy won’t work or help out at the house. Her rent was late because he would not take a check downstairs to pay it. gladly they are both gone now, but they still walk on her. She says they are all she has and refuses to scrap them off of her shoe like the little pieces of crap they are.

  • the Strawboss says:

    Oh well, since they are adults, this will require a whole new tactic. One which begins with, “Get the hell out!!” Tell her that she has enabled this deplorable behavior and brings this on herself. If she were to take a stand, she might earn some respect, even if it only comes from herself. I wouldn’t take waterboarding off the table though.