How to Make Rocks

Posted by the Strawboss on August 22, 2013 in My Projects

DIY rocksNormally, I’m telling people to kick rocks, but today I want to show you how to make DIY rocks!

1. You can use foam as a base, but I wanted these to be sturdy and able to support 2 adults. So I used left over chunks of concrete, bricks and pavers. Had I tried to put them in the trash instead, some garbage man with a bad back would be suing me. I piled them with a particular shape in mind.

2. Next, I wrapped chicken wire all around the pile, making sure to maintain its shape and tucking the wire underneath. The chicken wire will hold the concrete to the form.

3. I mixed regular concrete a lil thicker than bag instructions. Then I started adding concrete. I used a trowel and my hands (use gloves) to shape it further. It helps to have a pic of real rocks for texture and rock nuances. I also used an old corn broom for added texture. Then I sprinkled it with sand for even more texture. Then I covered it with plastic for 2 days to let it dry slowly. Each day I would lightly spray it with water.

4. Next, I mixed concrete patch with water. Concrete patch is finer than regular concrete. After mixing well, I poured in a lil concrete color and barely mixed it for color variations. I applied the color with rags and the broom. Sprinkled it with water and covered it again for a couple days.

5. I added the final touches using added streaks of color and various tools to cut more fissures and angles. Then I sprayed it with clear coat.

6. Add some nosy dogs and it’s done!


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