Golden Corral – w4m – 43 (Vandalia Oh)

Posted by the Strawboss on November 23, 2013 in Missed Connections Mischief

Golden Corral – w4m – 43 (Vandalia Oh)
I was with my parents. You were alone. I was looking at you through my parents ;) You waved at me when you left. You are one sexy black man! If you see this, tell me what color shirt I had on and what was the last thing you ate…..

re: Golden Corral – w4m – 43 (Vandalia Oh)
I remember you. Your parents were arguing over whether it was pronounced Golden Coral or Golden Carol, then your dad spilled his ice tea all over your mom’s Sag Harbor pant suit. I wasn’t waving though. As I was leaving, I walked into a spider web and I kinda freaked out. However, you were wearing a mustard colored Halloween sweater which, ironically, had a ketchup stain on it. And the last thing I ate was a yeast roll with a hair in it. That’s why I was arguing with the manager by the chocolate fountain. I shouldn’t have dunked his Peanuts tie in there, but I had to show him my pimp hand was strong. I go there all the time when my ex isn’t working, so maybe we can meet there for dinner sometime.

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