Merman – w4m (Piqua, OH)

Posted by the Strawboss on November 24, 2013 in Missed Connections Mischief

Merman – w4m (Piqua, OH)

Yeah I was hanging out under the bridge in Piqua (the one behind the school) when I saw the most handsome merman swimming in the river. He had long dark hair, and this wonderful beard. Very built. He had a bluish green fish tail. So handsome. We made eye contact and I wanted to get in with him. He wanted me to also. But I didn’t. I didn’t have any swimming cloths and it was cold. I want to see him again. I took my cocalshell to the river and blew it but he didn’t come. I want to know his name! Where he is from and if I can talk more to him. Does anyone know him?


re: Merman – w4m (Piqua, OH)

I know who you’re talking about and that’s no merman. That’s Cricket the Crackhead. He occasionally gets high on bath salts, ties a garbage bag around his waist and goes diving for crayfish in the river. He’s been treated for dysentery several times, but, on the bright side, he holds the state hillbilly hand fishing record. There was a heated debate because he actually caught the fish¬† with his foot when he slipped into hole near the bank. It was a 70lb shovel head catfish, but it didn’t put up much of a fight as Cricket has some stank ass feet.

Cricket is single and they recovered most of his toes during the fish fry, so if you want me to hook you up, let me know.

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