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Posted by the Strawboss on December 8, 2013 in Missed Connections Mischief

You worked at Valvoline.Wilmington pike – w4m (Bellbrook/Centerville)

I worked next door. This was back in 06/07. You were the redhead working at Valvoline on Wilmington Pike. We messed around a little bit outside the shop after work one day. I would love to finish what we started. I was under age at the time. Remember me?

re: You worked at Valvoline.Wilmington pike – w4m (Bellbrook/Centerville)

YES I DO! You were always reading Teen Beat or doing your homework on your lunch break. I remember when I cut my lip on your braces then we laughed about it over some chocolate milks.
I’d love to see you again once I get released. Maybe I can come by and hang out, provided you don’t live within 1000 feet of a school or playground.
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