Spendthrift Spouse

Posted by the Strawboss on September 13, 2015 in ask the Strawboss

Dear Strawboss,

My husband won’t quit spending money! We agree to a budget and then he ignores it and overspends, how can I protect our finances when he won’t?



Dear Gena,

Sounds like he agreed to make a budget, not to follow it. I’d check the wording of your contract. Speaking of contracts, your enslavement marriage vows said richer OR poorer, not richer AND poorer, implying you can pick which one you wish to endure.

You’re working hard to build a life for you and yours, but your husband is either unable or unwilling to work with you. If he is unable, insist that you take control of the finances while he seeks treatment for his problem. If he is unwilling, make like a potato chip and dip. No man is worth jacking up your credit score.


the Strawboss has spoken

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