Alterfest 9-4 Beer Tent around 10-10:30pm – w4m (Kettering)

Posted by the Strawboss on September 12, 2016 in Missed Connections Mischief

Missed Connections Mischief

Alterfest 9-4 Beer Tent around 10-10:30pm – w4m (Kettering)

Tall guy, grey and white shirt (?), jeans with greying hair – guessing in your 40s with a much shorter older guy with a bright blue shirt, both standing at the front of the beer tent at Alterfest around 10-10:30 I believe. You were looking my way, my girlfriend turned around and pointed right at you. I was too shy to say anything. If you happen to see this, message me with your pic and what I was wearing. Wish I wasn’t so shy!


re: Alterfest 9-4 Beer Tent around 10-10:30pm – w4m (Kettering)

Hey, I remember you! My boyfriend saw your girl pointing at me was about to go over there and kick her ass, but I reminded him that he couldn’t fight worth shit so he finished sipping his beer with the lime wedge. Good thing you were too shy, as the aforementioned boyfriend is indicative I’m not a fan of the cooch chute. Oh and you were wearing black XXL “skinny” jeans and gold hi tops. A for school spirit, F for execution.

Dicks B4 Chicks



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