Posted by the Strawboss on September 19, 2016 in ask the Strawboss

Dear Strawboss,

How long will I be unemployed?



Dear Lisa,

Well, you can only be unemployed for as long as you’re alive, but hopefully an employer comes calling before the Reaper does.

Aside from death knocking you off the jobless rolls, you must consider opportunities in your town as well as your skillset. If you’re only qualified to be a Soda Jerk or Chimney Sweep in a town with neither sodas nor chimneys, you’re probably looking at a future collecting cans. Of course, in a sodaless town, that too could be a bust.

Take an honest look at what you have to offer your town and what it has to offer you. If you’re looking at a lose/lose, I suggest updating you skills, and/or catching the next bus out of town.


the Strawboss has spoken

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