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Posted by the Strawboss on June 12, 2012 in ask the Strawboss

Hi, Strawboss!!!
I am a 30 year old girl and living in a small village not having big opportunities to meet someone as a potential life partner. Been disappointed in the past from a long term relationship that ended 5 years ago and since then I haven’t had any serious relationships. Can you give me your advice please about the way I can continue my struggle in meeting someone as a potential partner. Many thanks in advance,

Dear Disappointed,
Unless “village” is in the name of your apartment complex, I would think you don’t have big opportunities for an internet connection! So you’re in a small village which sounds to me like the equivalent of the number of people who saw the movie, Prom. Dating is basically a numbers game, you have to meet a lot of people to find a good match. Unfortunately, you could probably exhaust the all the non related, age appropriate men in your village during a trip to the watering hole. Your only options are to start the batting order over again or expand your search on Match.com to include the neighboring villages.

I am the Strawboss.

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