Dry Spell

Posted by the Strawboss on June 12, 2012 in ask the Strawboss

Dear Strawboss,
I am Ian a 22 year old boy who lives in Lipa Batangas. I don’t have a girlfriend since birth. I don’t know where to start in finding the right girl for me. What steps should I do to get started?

Dear Ian,
Your first step is to stop referring to yourself as a boy. And when it comes to measuring your dry spell, you really only need to count back to around 15. No one really expects you to be a ladies man in daycare. A lil maturity might help your game somewhat as will just getting out and meeting people. Lipa Batangas has around the same population as my town and I am tripping over ladies! Literally. We have a high unemployment rate so there are lots people sleeping on the street.

I am the Strawboss.

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